101 Reasons to get a Massage

by admin on November 25, 2013

Massage has commonly been treated as a luxury that is just beyond reach for the average person. It’s advertised as a way to pamper yourself and escape from your reality. Yes, massage is indeed a wonderful indulgent but it’s also something everyone should enjoy regularly throughout their busy lives. Massage therapy is a practical approach to taking care of your health and your body. You don’t have to wait for someone else to say you deserve it!

Here are 101 reasons, in case you need one, to get a massage today.

  1. You have a headache.
  2. You woke up with a “crick” in your neck.
  3. You are on vacation.
  4. You were recently in an auto accident. Your neck and back have been hurting ever since.
  5. You feel stressed.
  6. Your low back has been bothering you since helping your friend move last month.
  7. You are getting married.
  8. You are 6 months pregnant. Your back, hips and feet have been getting really sore.
  9. Your hands get numb after you’ve been sitting at the computer for a while.
  10. Your shoulders are hiked up to your ears.
  11. You have pain going down your leg that you think may be “sciatica”.
  12. You are a runner and you recently started having have knee pain.
  13. You lost 10 pounds.text
  14. You have a stressful job.
  15. You have kids.
  16. You are going through a transition in your life.
  17. You have recently started working out and your muscles are sore.
  18. You were doing yard work over the weekend. You now have pain in your neck and shoulder going down into your shoulder blade.
  19. You have a job where you have to be on your feet all day.
  20. You have a job where you have to sit all day.
  21. You can’t bend over.
  22. You can’t stand up straight.
  23. You can’t raise your arm over your head.
  24. You are taking care of an elderly parent.
  25. You haven’t been able to play golf because of your back pain.
  26. You are trying to avoid back surgery.
  27. You don’t want to be dependent on pain medication.
  28. After driving in the car for two days, you are stiff and feel stuck when you start to stand up from sitting.
  29. You were bending over to pick something up off the floor when your back locked up on you.
  30. You slipped and fell in the driveway.
  31. You are seeing a chiropractor but still having some muscle tightness.
  32. It’s Monday.
  33. You have friends staying with you from out of town and they want a special way to thank you.
  34. You had family staying with you from out of town and they finally left.
  35. You got a promotion.
  36. You have to turn your whole body to check for traffic when you are driving.
  37. Your friends and family say you’ve been really grouchy lately.
  38. You just want to relax.
  39. It’s your birthday.
  40. You haven’t gotten relief from other types of  treatment.
  41. You want to feel better.
  42. You want to do something special with a friend.
  43. You feel overwhelmed.
  44. Your back feels stiff after sitting in a meeting all day.
  45. Your hips hurt.
  46. You ran your first half marathon.
  47. Your  mid back tightens up when you’ve been sitting too long.
  48. Your legs get fatigued when you walk.
  49. Your feet hurt when you step out of bed in the morning.
  50. You feel like there are rocks in your shoulders.
  51. Your neck is tight.
  52. You can’t turn your head to the left.
  53. You have shooting pain from your neck down into your shoulder blade, along with tingling in your fingers.
  54. It’s your anniversary.
  55. You are anxious about an important event coming up.
  56. You get migraines.
  57. You have TMJ dysfunction.
  58. You sometimes get dizzy when you turn your head.
  59. You were walking your dog when he ran after a squirrel, pulling you behind him and you face planted into the grass.dog pulling
  60. You have fibromyalgia.
  61. You are exhausted.
  62. You can’t sleep at night.
  63. You recently had extensive dental work done.
  64. The holidays are coming.
  65. You’ve never had a massage.
  66. It’s Friday.
  67. You want to treat your pain naturally.
  68. You just need a break.stress-zebrastripes
  69. You have a herniated disk.
  70. You had back surgery 8 weeks ago and your doctor cleared you for massage.
  71. You take care of everyone else but you never do anything for yourself.
  72. You recently lost someone close to you.
  73. You were moving heavy boxes at work and twisted your lower back when you turned to set a box down.
  74. After your workout at the gym, your mid to lower back and all the way down your leg is suddenly sore.
  75. You seem to have developed tendonitis from playing racquetball.
  76. You were standing at the sink washing dishes when you started having spasms all along both sides of your back.
  77. Your right shoulder is always sore and feels weak.
  78. You have pain in the front of your leg when you walk.
  79. You stepped off the curb wrong, tweaking your ankle and your knee.
  80. You have chronic neck pain and tightness.
  81. You are a care giver.
  82. You are under a lot of stress from working so much, causing you to have headaches.
  83. You were knocked in the head by a ball at your daughter’s soccer game and your left neck and shoulder are tight and sore.
  84. You are on the phone a lot at and you tend to hold the phone between your ear and your shoulder. You now have pain on the right side of your neck.
  85. You did a lot of walking while on vacation but you didn’t have the right shoes on so now your left leg and hip are really sore.
  86. You are depressed.
  87. You were leaning over cleaning the pool when you pulled your lower back. You now have pain going down into your butt and all the way up to your shoulder.
  88. You feel like you are hunched over.
  89. You have pain and tightness between your shoulder blades.
  90. Massage therapy is the only thing that gives you relief from your chronic back pain.
  91. The chair you sit in at your desk doesn’t have any back support, causing you to have tightness and pain across your low back.
  92. You sit in an awkward position at your desk to reach the keyboard which causes you have pain from your shoulder shooting up to your ear.
  93. You just feel blah.
  94. You injured yourself doing hot yoga.
  95. You were playing catch with your son when you pulled something in your shoulder.
  96. It’s the weekend.
  97. You tweaked your back at boot camp.
  98. You’ve been sitting in front of the computer for hours and your head, neck and shoulders are aching.
  99. You are making your health a top priority.
  100. You are getting older and having new aches and pains.
  101. You deserve it!

There you go…  no more excuses!  

Leave a comment below why you need a massage and then call to schedule your appointment today!


Have a happy, healthy, balanced day!

Sheree Bagensie, Licensed Massage Therapist

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