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12 Signs of Stress and Overwhelm


We’ve all heard it before, stress is the #1 cause of disease, yet we continue to live our lives in a state of chronic stress. How many of the following signs and symptoms are wreaking havoc on your health?


  1. You have frequent headaches.
  2. You don’t sleep well at night.
  3. You are always last on your own list of priorities.
  4. Your shoulders are chronically tense and glued to your ears.
  5. Your breathing is often shallow.
  6. You are constantly rushing from one place to the next.
  7. You have chronic back and/or neck pain.
  8. Your eating habits could be better.
  9. You don’t exercise as much as you should.
  10. You worry constantly.
  11. There is never enough time in the day.
  12. It’s difficult for you to unwind and relax at the end of the day.



Massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to decrease stress and alleviate symptoms that go along with it. If any of these signs are familiar to you, call today to schedule a massage and begin your path back to wellness.


Have a happy, healthy, balanced day!


Sheree Bagensie, Licensed Massage Therapist

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First Things First

Before beginning your session, you and your therapist will discuss what your goals are for the massage. Depending on your specific needs or requests, your therapist will either perform a customized full-body massage (for general relaxation and stress reduction) or focus on the specific parts of your body that you have requested. We use only the highest quality massage oils and lotions during your treatments.

Ongoing Relief

While periodic massage enhance your well being, the real benefit of massage comes from multiple therapy sessions. We offer great discounts for repeat customers, whether you come every week or every other. Our goal is to provide lasting support for all our clients, and we are sure you’ll be happy with your therapist’s work.